Friday, April 24, 2009

Journal 10: Perception on the general English class

Based on my review on the subject General English 2, I have found that this subject is quite interesting and enjoyable. In this class, we have been taught about how to write a journal, to review a novel and how to act a drama. The most challenging part in this subject is when we have done a book review for about 700-1000 words. It is quite hard for us because at first we must read the novel and then we must done review about the novel. It is including the themes of the novel, the setting, the plot and the characterization. The most enjoyable part in this subject is when we must done a drama. Lecturer also gives a mark for our drama presentation. We must write our own script and then we must consult with the lecturer. Then, the lecturer will brief about the date of the presentation. The drama that we have done must be related with the book of Merlion and the hibiscus. Overall, I have found that the General English class is very interesting and enjoyable.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Journal 9: Reflection on short stories Victoria and her Kimono

Based on the story Victoria and Her Kimono written by M. Shammughalingam, the themes that can be identified are fixation in other culture and pretence. It can be found from the character Mr Ramanan or Albert and Vickneswari or also known as VictoriaBased on this theme, Victoria was pretending to really accept the Japanese culture so that she can save her husband. In this story, it can be seen that it is good to pretend in order to save something. It was only for a short time because she never forgets about her own culture. From my point of view; there are two themes that have something to do with me. The themes are pretend and love. I will do the same thing as what Victoria has done. Sometimes we need to pretend in order to take care of one’s feeling or our own importance.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I have read a short story entitled Mala written by K.S Maniam. This story is all about Melati as known as mala, used to work for help her husband. In this story, it is one of good example that should be followed by other women, for those who are able to work and gain extra money to backup the whole family. That is why women should help their guy so together they can raise their children in best ways. . Before her getting married, she never works at all and because of that, it looks very strange for her when work at the first time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Journal 8: Write one story that affects your Third Eyes (reference: Tragedy of My Third Eye by Suchen Christine Lim

I have read a short story titled Tragedy of My Third Eye written by Suchen Christine Lim. From the story I read, it remind me of my memory that have affects my third eyes. This incident happened in August 2007. On that time I was received a phone call from my dad telling that my mum was in ICU because of heart attack. At time I was studying at KPMSI. Luckily after 3 days in the ICU the have been transferred to a normal ward. That incident was really affects my third eye because on that time I feel like I am going to lose my beloved mother.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Journal 5: Compare and Contrast the funeral in Islam and Buddhism in reference to The Hungry Ghost by Hwee Hwee Tan

I have read short stories titled The Hungry Ghost written by Hwee Hwee Tan. From this story, there is a compare and contrast the funeral in Islam and Buddhism. In this story, the writers don’t believe in a Buddhism funeral at all. If we can see, in this story there are some compare and contrast about the funeral between Buddhism and Islam. In the Hungry Ghost Festival, they Buddhism will cook for soul of corpse person. In addition, the body of the corpse will be keep until 49 days before the funeral. In Islam, people only read Yasin and pray for the corpse. And after that, the funeral begins and Islam people don’t keep the corpse in a long time. This is the compare and contrast between Islam and Buddhism in The Hungry Ghost.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Journal 4: Reflection on the issue of polygamy in Mariah by Che Husna Azhari

I have read short stories in General English 2 entitle Mariah written by Che Husna Azhari. This story is about Mariah, who was a beautiful widow at kampong Molo. My reflection regarding on the issue of polygamy in this story is why imam decide to marry with Mariah even thought his wife, Cik Yam was a loyal wife. In my opinion, imam has decided to marry with Mariah because Mariah was look like Pattani girl that he fall in love with in past 15 years. That is why imam decides to marry with her but in the same time; imam still loves his wife, Cik Yam. In the end of the story, Cik Yam allows imam to marry Mariah.

Journal 3: choose any one elements of stories to compare and contras between The Interview by Gopal Baratham and Empire the Sun.

In this both stories, there are elements to compare and contras. For example is when the war begin, people started to get separated from their family. It is what happened in the story empire of the son when Jamie Graham was separated from his family. In order to save their lives, his mother told him to wait at their house but at the end, he is going to the camp for all the British. It is not as same to the story of interview where Brigadier Mason is one of the prisoners and lives in the prison for a period of time. Based from this, we can see that there are the differences in the place where they need to stay.